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This blog is for those folks planning a move to Charlotte, or have just recently moved to Charlotte. It tries to answer, What is Charlotte like? What is Charlotte all about? And the really Big question, “If we moved there, would we be happy there?” The story is told by someone who lived it, my wife and four young children moved here just over 20 years ago.Terry McDonald Real Estate Broker

My Relocation Story

I came to Charlotte, from Hoboken, NJ, just outside the NYC area with a wife and four young children looking for a better lifestlye. I grew up in the Maryland suburbs of  Washington, D.C. I’ve lived in suburbia, intown and now I am coming to know something about Charlotte, my adopted hometown.  I’ve been writing this blog, and its forerunner, for 9 years and it’s been  a great journey, loads of  fun, and it has also made me a better Agent/Broker. A top agent in Charlotte for 8 of the last 10 years.

Like so many others, we moved to Charlotte by choice. We were looking for a new start, a place where our kids could grow and prosper, we wanted a place to raise a family where our money would go farther.   Our 4 young children  have all  attended private and public schools, graduating  from public high school, all four graduating college, two with advanced degrees. They were prepared well here.  My wife has worked much of the time in education and now is a professor of education at a local University.  We moved for a better education for our children, and that is why some call us “Education agents.”  Charlotte has been very good to our family.

Enough about me- how about Charlotte? For most of you, there are a couple of Big Questions…

What is Charlotte North Carolina like?  And, Could Our Family be Happy There?

I’ve produced a couple of videos that have been very well received, the first, is the most popular on You Tube for Charlotte NC. Even though a bit older, everything here is true today, and then some!

Introduction To Charlotte

Where would we want to live?

I have a 2nd video that introduces the neighborhoods,

You can see a video update on the Charlotte Market here,  more videos About Charlotte Real Estate

In essence, this whole blog tries to answer these questions, What is Charlotte like? Where can I plug in? What is there to do there? Is it more Southern or southern? More blue than red? How are the schools?

Then as you start to consider areas, check them out on the categories– that is the purpose of this blog, to provide context to the many great home and land choices you have.  Just about everyone can find a great home on one of the many real estate websites- but their next question is, “What kind of neighborhood is it?”in other words, is it one they’d be happy in? We try and provide the tools you need to answer many of those questions and feature many communities I like.  So you know, I don’t represent any builder or developer, I represent Home Buyers, if I like a community I write about it, if I don’t like it, I don’t write about it. If you don’t have something nice to say…  and there is no regard for race and ethnicity either.

What about Things to Do in Charlotte? Charlotte has been good to us. We have traveled as a family from Key West to Boston and on to Memphis TN and out west. We love Charleston for the weekend, central Florida almost anytime, and still visit our families in Washington DC on a regular basis. (a 1 hour flight, 7 hour drive) We love the mountains that are a short drive to the west, and the coast-well we love the warm waters of southern beaches. Charleston, Hilton Head, St Augustine ( where we saw a NASA shuttle take off) the Outter Banks,  all are wonderful and relatively close.

Whatever your reason for coming to Charlotte, I hope this site helps answer your questions about Charlotte, and helps you and others to get to know more about the area  appreciate the abundance of good things going on in Charlotte. Whenever you hit a Search For Charlotte Homes, you will be directed to my awesome home real estate search site to see the homes.

Bobby McDonald – Primary Buyer Agent

Bobby McDonald Buyer Agent

Bobby is The McDonald Group’s primary buyer agent.  He works with home buyers, doing the research necessary, to save his clients’ time and money.  His goal is for his client’s to be happy the day they move in, and 6 months after too!

On average in 2013, the McDonald Group saved its buyer clients 44% more than an average buyer agent — and that’s in a strong seller’s market.  We’re quite proud of those numbers & are working hard to match or beat them this year!

Out of Area Broker Referrals

My Group and I stand ready for your referrals. We will work with your people as our own with honesty and diligence, passion and professionalism. Please call Terry direct at 704-390-6221 to discuss our services to your clients,  and you.

Relocation Clients

We have worked in Charlotte Relocation for 9 years. Our family moved here 20 years ago- we understand the needs and concerns of relocating families.  We are also professionally trained, recognized by Cartus, USAA, and Cornerstone, among others. WE HONOR all relocation packages, so just request us!

Jon Hyatt- Video Extrordinaire!

We’ve hired a videographer, an integrated video producer for the McDonald Group Jon Hyatt video producerand CharlotteCommunitiesOnline, Jon Hyatt. Jon is a New England native and began videoing new listings in the Boston area for a local broker in 2009, found he had a knack for it, and has been producing professional video ever since.   His work includes dozens of property videos,  company profiles and reality based shows designed and used as in bound marketing tools for Brokers throughout the Boston area. Jon has recently relocated to Charlotte and is excited to dive into the market here!


More About the top agents at McDonald Group– We believe strongly in the power of Agency, always defending our clients interests.  We love real estate, I sold my first million dollars of real estate before my 21st birthday on a new home development in Germantown Maryland. I wasERA Leady Luxury a licensed residential builder for nearly 20 years and returned to real estate in 2004.  My Team first won Top Team in 2006, and Top Ten in 2007, Top Broker by volume in 2008, all at the 2nd largest broker in Charlotte (over 700 Agents),  Wilkinson and Associates.  Wilkinson joined ERA in 2012, and I am a top 2% agent nationally. I love negotiating and getting my clients the edge in every transaction. My team and I work with home buyers at every stage and every level- from first time buyers, to the veteran luxury home buyer, from those just getting started to those who need a home next month!

I’ll keep an eye on the real estate market here for you, include fun things to do here and of course keep one eye on what’s going on in city-hall.  Call me if you have questions, 704-390-6221. Welcome to the Queen City.

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