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Charlotte NC| NCAA Regionals- University of North Carolina Advances, Wildcats Come Home

March 31st, 2008 Listed Under: Things To Do Charlotte

Hansborough at the Foul lineAs is often the case, the NCAA tournament exposes a teams confidence. Saturday, the University of North Carolina had it it, and Louisville almost had it. Sunday, The Wildcats of Davidson got there, but just couldn’t close it out…

Ahead by 10 from early on, Louisville came roaring back in the 2nd half to tie the game with 7:35 to go, and it was “deja vu all over again” for the Tar Heels, as to a man, memories of last years tournament exit came to mind when Georgetown came back (after being down by a dozen)  to defeat UNC in last year’s NCAA Regional.AT the NCAA Regional in Charlotte NC- UNC  ahead by 10

But not this time,  not this day.

Tyler Hansborough said “No”, the Tar Heels said “No” and Tyler scored the next 5 in a row, and Louisville (pronounced “Louuyville” for you northern types) never got closer than 5, losing by 10.

On Sunday night, the Davidson Wilcats got within one shot of the Final Four.

Coming out of a time out, with 16 seconds left and the ball,  we watched Stephen Curry and waited… he has won so many games for Davidson, hit so many big shots, could he win one more? Was there any doubt he would take the final shot? They ran a play they’d run dozens of times, but Kansas may have known it was coming, because they defended it just a bit better, pushing Curry 4-5 ” outside the 3 point line (still within his range though) and being guarded by a long 6’6″ guard Rush…  and leaving Jason Richards wide open at the top of the key.

stephen curryA more selfish player would have taken the shot, 4′ behind the 3 point line, and a bit off balance… in retrospect, I think Curry wishes he had – not so he could be the star, but to take the pressure off Richards.  As Richards shot tailed wide left, and the buzzer sounded, and Davidson’s improbable run to the Final 4 came up one play short, a collective gasp and then silence gripped the 400 or so  Davidson fans bussed by Davidson alumni to the game.

Richards, a senior and Curry’s best friend on and off the court, will remember that shot for a lifetime. Curry, Davidson and all of us who watched , will remember a team full of desire and belief in themselves, come from behind to beat a 2 seed, then do it again with a 3 seed, going deep into this 2008 Tournament, finally falling on  a play that was just a little bit “off.”

No one will forget that Davidson, a school of 1700, held mighty Kansas (30,000 students) at bay, for 47 minutes and 45 seconds, and were just one shot away.

It seems obvious, but even though I’m not a huge fan, I’ll pick UNC to win it all this year- the dominant play of Hansborough plus UNC’s excellent guard play will win it all next weekend.

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Terry McDonald
I'm the owner/team leader of The McDonald Group at Wilkinson and Associates ERA Powered real estate brokers here in Charlotte NC. A transplanted Washinghtonian, my family and I came from the NYC area in 1993.
Terry McDonald
Terry McDonald

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  1. GWSleptHere

    I always love the underdog in the NCAA tournament and Davidson was the team to root for. John Feinstein did a great colum in the Washington Post on Friday, talking about all the ways to improve the tournament, including this –
    “. . . No students to be found other than cheerleaders and band members. Isn’t there some way to ask each school — all of whom are raking in millions from this thing — to designate 200 seats apiece in their big-bucks section for actual student-non-athletes? Those are, allegedly, students playing in the games, right? If you do see any students, they’re up in the rafters, several miles from the court. There’s nothing worse than the big-bucks fans who might not have seen a game all season sitting in the front row bellowing at the officials on every play as if they have any idea what they’re talking about.” Isn’t is great that Davidson was so excited about being there that they managed to find tickets for 800 students!?!?!? That’s my idea of school spirit.

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