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Making a House Your Home, Tips for Getting Started

April 24th, 2014 Listed Under: Sell a Home

Simple Solutions for a Fresh StartJill Watkins

             Re-establishing a warm, welcoming setting can be challenging.  This may be the case if you are single again or relocating to a new city or state. If there are children, making them feel like the new residence is “home” should be top priority. As an Interior Designer, I recommend prior to moving forth, consider the following points to ensure new surroundings are physically and financially comfortable for everyone.

Size and space required?

When looking at a residence for short or long term, consider the number of family members who will be spending significant amounts of time in the home and how you plan on using the space.  Will there be a need for a home office, guest bedroom, minimum number of bed and bathrooms, etc.?  Is a backyard a requirement or happy to do without? Family needs change with time, be careful to look forward- frequently folks make the mistake of buying their last house instead of their next house.

Which furnishings will be accompanying you in the move?

Know the items included in the move.  If furnishings are going to be replaced, purchase quality items, even if it means purchasing at a slower pace.  Think long term!  Do not buy an oversized sectional that may not easily fit in another home if this residence will only be for a few years.  Be smart and design a nice seating area.  Example design: standard size sofa, 2 complimenting club chairs, coffee table and end tables.  With out question, these furniture pieces may be able to reconfigure more easily in a new space in your next home.

Include the children?

Yes!  I cannot stress this enough.  Change is typically more stressful and unsettling for children than it is for you.  Yet they are much better at adapting than most adults! Take them shopping for furniture, bedding, paint, posters, and such.  If price is of concern, pre-shop  showrooms. Select a few styles within a comfort zone of spending then allow your child/children to choose from those pre-selected sets.  Whether you have the assistance of an Interior Designer or not, put a design plan together focusing on favorite colors or themes that are of interest to the children.  If a child has a piece of artwork he/she is particularly proud of, frame or showcase the talent.   

Personalize your space even for the short term?

Make sure to display photos of family, close friends, vacations taken, special moments throughout.  Seeing familiar faces and places will emphasize positive attitudes and outlooks.  Dress walls with artwork, portraits, mirrors and accessories.  Yes, this means placing more interest on the walls than flat screen TVs.  This is not a hotel, it’s home! It is imperative a sense of peace and harmony be restored for both the adult(s) and children.  The overall design should reflect the personality of the family.

Cost effective purchases:

Ready-made bedding

Ready-made drapery

Purchase high quality at a slower rate vs. low quality at an accelerated rate

Purchase staples that may easily be placed in a future home

Avoid over-sized and overly trendy furnishings for short term time frames

Paint to give life and personality

This is not said lightly, but lived first hand. I have started over and little by little transformed my house into a home.  Make the effort, it is well worth it.  Remember….. you too can have Unique Surroundings for Beautiful Living.

Thanks Jill,  good advice from one who has been there!  🙂 tm

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