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Introducing Our SMART Seller Program ~ Are you a SMART Seller?

Long before I was a real estate broker, I was a For Sale By Owner. I sold all of my homes myself without a broker, and generally had a low opinion of the real estate industry. I was a builder and remodeller so my homes had features people liked! Interestingly, I loved my Buyer Agent.  Now fast forward 30 or so years, and I see For Sale by Owners, and Zillow’s “Make Me Move” for sale by owners, and I think I’ve developed a marketing plan that you can appreciate!

Now many people think they can sell on their own, or the house will sell itself, and sometimes that is the case.  Statistically? Not as often as you might think- more often or not, you will need  a quality Realtor.  I would like to be yours.

I call it our SMART Seller Program,  developed with “For Sale Buy Owners” in mind.  It will allow you to try and sell it yourself, and let us market it at the same time. Here is how it works

  • If you sell your home in the first 30 days from a buyer you supply, we will not collect a commission.  This applies to anyone who calls you, regardless of how they heard about the house.  At the end of 30 days, this option expires, and at that point all sales will carry a commission for our listing efforts, and for the Buyer agent.
  • We generally sign 120-180 day agreements, depending on the house, but we are so confident in our ability to market and sell your home that if you’re unhappy with our services you can cancel our listing agreement at any time, for any reason.
  • We won’t be strangers.  We guarantee a call weekly to update you on the progress, or even the lack of progress in selling your home.  We agree to a day and time, and I put in our calendar and we talk weekly.
  • You will receive feedback, both the good and the bad, directly from the Showing Service
  • We have flexible commission plans based on your situation and needs

If you aren’t on the market yet, we’d like to give you a free property and market evaluation, a look at things that need to be done, and more importantly, things you don’t have to do.  And also, a realistic look at what you can expect for your home.

If you are already on the market, why not call today to learn more?

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