Antiquity Connects Cornelius and Davidson,NC

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Covered Bridge at Antiquity, Cornelius NCAntiquity is just getting started, yet it’s promise is there for all to see. First its geography, connecting the revitalized Town Center of Cornelius to the back side of popular Davidson… and its character. Checkout the covered bridge and house pics. Then it is the builders, two of Charlotte’s best, Cunnnane Builders and Meeting Street Homes. The homes are priced in the affordable sweet spot from the high 100’s in the townhouses, to the low 300’s in the single families, up to the middle to high 400’s for the largest Cunnane homes. A study of their site plan reveals a walking community committed to open space- nine parks, period detail, and an exciting addition of more mixed use development at the Antiquity entrance and in the Cornelius Town Center.

Cunnane Models at Antiquity

I’ll have more in my next post, enjoy!

Additional Antiquity Homes and Town home Photos can be found at my photo-site here.

Terry McDonald

Terry McDonald

I am the owner and operator of and was inspired to create this website when I moved my young family of 6 down to Charlotte from the northeast, now over 20 years ago. Charlotte quickly became home to us and I wanted to create a website that would help individuals and families considering a move to Charlotte. I'm also the owner of The McDonald Group at eXp Realty (my day job) and have helped hundreds of folks relocate to Charlotte over the years.

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