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Considering A Move To Charlotte?

If so, you are in the right place! This website has been built to help people like you who are thinking about moving to Charlotte.

Latest News: Honeywell corporate is moving Uptown!  BB and T and Suntrust are merging, and HQ will be Uptown too!  Don’t like your relocation agent?  We’ll honor their package! 

If you’ve never been to Charlotte before we like to think of Charlotte as a “small, big city”. Geographically Charlotte is small — you can drive across south Charlotte in 30 minutes — but unlike some of the smaller cities around the state  Charlotte features “big city” amenities.

You’ll find a world class airport here, several Fortune 500 company headquarters, an NBA and NFL team, a AAA baseball team in the middle of Uptown, the Charlotte Symphony and many museums and theatres featuring world class entertainment and shows. There’s also the Whitewater Center, the Music Factory, and plenty of night-life around the city.

In this section of CCO you’ll find useful info for moving to Charlotte including but not limited to:

  • Neighborhoods/Communities – The Internet is great for searching homes but terrible for exploring an area or community. Check out some of Charlotte’s top neighborhood and communities in this section.
  • Home Partners of America/Rentals – Moving to Charlotte but want to rent for a year or two? The rental market in Charlotte is extremely tough. Want to rent a nice home in a good school district or a decent home close into town? This section is for you! You won’t find nicer looking rental homes in Charlotte.
  • Homes for Sale – Check out the most popular homes for sale in Charlotte. This website has all the bells and whistles of websites like Zillow but is much more accurate.
  • School Info – All about Charlotte area schools. Public, private and everything in between. Info on Union County and SC schools too
  • Taxes Info – All about Charlotte property taxes and the recent revaluations by the county. Also so info on SC taxes
  • Things to Do – What’s going on in Charlotte this weekend? What’s coming up? Things to do for kids, for families, for young professionals and everything in between!

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Introduction to Charlotte

This short introduction to Charlotte video has over 100K views on YouTube!

Introduction to Charlotte Video

This introduction to Charlotte video is one of the most popular videos on YouTube about moving to Charlotte NC. Full of useful info on areas, schools, taxes, things to do and more, this video explains what to expect when moving to Charlotte. With over 100K views on YouTube it’s a little dated but still worth a watch!

madison park home sales

Madison Park in South Charlotte Still Keeps Rising

Madison Park is a popular neighborhood near Montford Rd and Park Road Shopping Center. It’s been a first home favorite of new Charlottean’s for decades.  Here are the latest numbers, homes sold and more. Madison Park: The Neighborhood The neighborhood is characterized by a mix of architectural styles, including ranch-style homes, traditional two-story houses, and

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Boomers Moving to Charlotte

The Next Wave- Baby Chasers, are Moving to NC! We have called them relocations by choice. Yes it is a powerful mix, a  grandchild or two, great city and wonderful climate- not to mention a lower cost of living of 3/4 of the major cities in the US. Culture, climate and cost of living are

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Dimensional Fund Advisers Opens In Southend

Inside Dimensional Fund’s East Coast Hub The pioneers- a company with vision, Dimensional Fund Advisors  was the first to develop a major office building in the fast changing Southend side of Charlotte.   DFA, the Austin based mutual fund company, opened for buziness this past May, but as the paint dries, there is still quite a

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Craving BBQ in Charlotte? You’re in the Right Spot!

Seem’s everyone has their own favorite go-to BBQ joint in Charlotte, Midwood, Mac’s, Sweet Lew’s BBQ, Noble Smoke and Sauceman’s always top the favorite lists. There is always a debate between vinegar BBQ sauce and mustard based BBQ sauce.  Luckily, Charlotte has it all! Midwood Smoke House seems to always rank high for locals and

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New Common Market- Southend

South End’s Transformation

SouthEnd, a quickly evolving area with countless, must visit, hot spots. Every week there is a new announcement of an awesome restaurant, corporate office, or apartment complex coming to South End.  From Lending Tree to Snooze an A.M. Eatery, there is so much to look forward to. SouthEnd, being only a few light rail stops

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It’s Time – Opening of Optimist Hall!

Optimist Hall! One of the most anticipated openings of 2019 is finally here!  August 1st, six tenants open in the large food hall of Optimist Hall.  Optimist Hall is an old textile mill turned into a food hall, complete with noteworthy Charlotte names.  Located right outside uptown, the location is convenient!  A must for not

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