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At the corner of Sharon Road and Fairview road sits Charlotte’s one and only Southpark mall. Home to Neiman Marcus and designer brands alike, Southpark, named it was south of Myers Park- Southpark  started as a subdivision, added a terrific shopping mall, and was once thought to be our future “downtown.”  

Today, it is a distinct area, known for its fine restaurants, things to do, and the best mall this side of Atlanta- but \business liked the area too, did I mention that it is now the 4th largest GDP unit in the state?   First a mall, then a neighborhood and now Charlotte’s 2nd downtown.  I’ve often been asked, is Southpark the heart of South Charlotte? I think it is.

We go there to eat on a regular basis- business lunches to be sure, but quality fine dining for special occasions at 131 Main , or Ruth Chris Steakhouse  or McCormick and Schmick for seafood.  Locals like Cowfish and Yafo for casual dining, but the reality is you can eat at a different restaurant every day, lunch and dinner for about a month before you would want to start over!

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