Craving BBQ in Charlotte? You’re in the Right Spot!

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Seem’s everyone has their own favorite go-to BBQ joint in Charlotte, Midwood, Mac’s, Sweet Lew’s BBQ, Noble Smoke and Sauceman’s always top the favorite lists.

There is always a debate between vinegar BBQ sauce and mustard based BBQ sauce.  Luckily, Charlotte has it all!

Midwood Smoke House seems to always rank high for locals and out of town visitors.

With five locations, it’s convenient for everyone!  Their Plaza Midwood location, being the original, we think is the best.  You can’t go wrong with their Ribs and some Mac & Cheese! 

We love taking out of town guests to Mac’s Speed Shop in South End,

we think the ambiance there is the best.  They have eight locations, four in Charlotte.  It’s great to go to the one in South End, sit outside, enjoy a cocktail and the atmosphere.

When you’ve had too much Southern BBQ (is that even possible?) it’s time to try Seoul Food Meat Company.  As they state, “we are a southern BBQ restaurant with a heavy Korean inspiration.”  It’s family style, with their meats, wings, and side all being top notch delicious.  This is a must visit.

What is your go to favorite BBQ spot?



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Kelley Ivory

Kelley Ivory

I'm a recent transplant to Charlotte and a new mother! I cover things to do in the Charlotte area and in general, the experience for new Charlotte residents. I also provide marketing assistance to The McDonald Group at eXp Realty.

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