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In Charlotte it can be quite difficult to find a home for rent in a nice area with decent schools. There just aren’t that many homes for rent and most of them are what we would lovingly call “investment grade”. So how does a Charlotte renter find a nice home to rent in a nice area with nice schools? Enter Home Partners of America!

Home Partners lets you rent homes in Charlotte, NC that are currently for sale! I’ll say that again, Home Partners allows you to rent homes that are only for sale. You’ve got the option of buying it eventually if you’d like (and a predetermined price for doing so) but otherwise it’s a normal rental. In Charlotte, this means Home Partners of America is the best source for nice home rentals, in nice areas, with above average schools. 

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Why Home Partners in Charlotte NC?

Home Partners of America have to Charlotte NC in a big way over the past 2 or 3 years. Home Partners is a company that buys homes for sale for you to rent!* Home Partners is the perfect service for young folks who are close to buying but aren’t quite ready, or for families who have relocated to Charlotte and are looking for a nice home rental (in a good school district) while they get settled and begin to figure out where they would like to buy and put down roots.

Search Homes for Rent in Charlotte

Search Home Partners homes for rent in Charlotte NC below. Remember that Home Partners will buy the  home for you (if it qualifies) and then will rent it to you at a predetermined price. Because these homes are for sale they will be nicer than 99% of the rental homes available currently in Charlotte. Happy hunting!

F.A.Q. About Home Partners of America

If you’ve searched for a home for rent in Charlotte NC , you’ve found that renting a nice home in a quality school district is almost impossible. Charlotte is still a strong sellers market. As a result, most people decide to sell their homes instead of renting them out so the only homes available for rent are “investment grade”. Home Partners changes all of this by letting you rent homes that are actually for sale (they’ll buy the home and rent it to you at a predetermined rental rate based on sales price). 

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No, all of the properties listed on the Home Partners website meet their minimum requirements but are not fully approved. If you find a home you’d like to rent, contact Bobby McDonald and he will submit the application on your behalf. We will get an firm answer back from Home Partners with 48 hours on whether or not the home qualifies.

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