It’s a Wonderful Life in Dilworth, Part 2

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Beautiful parks, old oak trees and historic homes..

line our sidewalks.  We are so proud of our community, that we host one of Dilworth’s oldest and grandest traditions: The Annual Dilworth Home Tour.  It’s a true community collaboration!  We open our homes to our Charlotte neighbors and welcome them to tour our historic homes, complete with unique renovations.  It’s key to buy in a neighborhood you love, because you can’t change the area, but the house can always be renovated into your dream home.

I love that Dilworth is known as the front porch neighborhood in a walkable community.  With close to 9,000 residents, you’re sure to run into a friend walking their furry animal in one of our parks.  

While Charlotte’s housing market remains strong, the median Home Value in Dilworth is $487,790 with the national average being $184,700 and Median Rent $1,222 with the national average being $949.  Dilworth is known for being a pricier area of Charlotte.  In contrast, if you travel further south you will get more house for your money.  Here you have your choice of single-family homes, newly constructed condos, renovated historic homes, townhomes, luxury rental properties.

In Dilworth, you get a lot of everything else, mainly, a friendly, diverse, active, community.  It’s a wonderful life in Dilworth, and once you move here, you rarely leave.  If you do make the unfortunate mistake to leave, you will find your way back home to our welcoming arms.

But I already knew Dilworth would be right up at the top of the rankings.  We live here.  We’re even cover story in The Life in Dilworth, but more on that later.


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Cherylanne McLean

Cherylanne McLean

A resident in Dilworth and an (as often as possible) world traveler I blog about things to do near Dilworth and the surround neighborhoods. I'm also a full-time agent for the McDonald Group at eXp Realty. While I work throughout the greater Charlotte area, my focus/niche is from Dilworth to Southpark.

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