It’s a Wonderful Life in Dilworth: Wants, Needs and Compromises

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Wants, Needs and Compromises

A really cool thing happened.

One of my clients, who happen to be one of my favorite Queen City couples, found a home they love in Dilworth, Charlotte, NC, and bought it!  Now,

What was fascinating was the internalizing of the process as a couple.

We started with a want and needs wish list, no more than 20 items. A picture of what their perfect home in the perfect

neighborhood would look and feel like. The want side of the list would change as they were drawing it up and would include compromises once we started visiting homes and noting the realities of today’s real estate market. And that’s ok, good even, but one thing I advised to agree upon and not to compromise on, was the Charlotte neighborhood. Why? Because you can change the condition of a home easier than you can the neighborhood. It made good sense, but really hit home once we tested the philosophy.

A want is a preference, a need is a must. As is the case with any of us, while we want this, we might really need that, and it’s important to confirm which is which. In a relationship our wants and needs aren’t always congruent. So as a couple, listening, hearing and understanding each other’s wants and needs is key to safe negotiating and fair compromising. It should be less of a sacrifice and more of a merging of wants and needs.

Off we set on the journey to view the best homes in the best neighborhoods of Charlotte that matched their wants and needs list. We looked at some amazing properties in some of Charlotte’s favored neighborhoods. Near the start, Dilworth checked every box on the needs but not the wants wish list, and there’s just something about getting everything you want. So, we kept on the journey.

It didn’t take long before realizing that while these Charlotte neighborhoods checked most of their wants, they fell short of satisfying their top of the list need, which for them was the type and degree of community that Dilworth offers. This need was important enough to draw them back to their now forever home nestled in the charming Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte.

Dilworth sold itself.  It took care of all their needs.

They just texted, still super excited. It being bicycle weather, they’ll be coming by around 0500 so we can all bike to the Dowd YMCA for our morning workout.

Oh dear, I didn’t think this thru!

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Cherylanne McLean

Cherylanne McLean

A resident in Dilworth and an (as often as possible) world traveler I blog about things to do near Dilworth and the surround neighborhoods. I'm also a full-time agent for the McDonald Group at eXp Realty. While I work throughout the greater Charlotte area, my focus/niche is from Dilworth to Southpark.

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