It’s a Wonderful Life in Dilworth, Part One

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Charlotte’s Original Streetcar Suburb

2019 Hot Off the Press! Niche released its “Best Places to Live” in America rankings.  Out of about 6,000 neighborhoods, Dilworth has been ranked No. 35 best neighborhood to live.  In North Carolina Dilworth has been ranked 9th, 4th and 2nd respectively for best neighborhood for raising a family; best neighborhood for young professionals; and best neighborhood to live in.  I can’t agree with this article more! 

Let’s check out a few reasons why

Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cites and consistently ranks top 10 move to destination.  Dilworth is a charming bungalow filled community and nestled within minutes, of our Queen City’s Uptown.  

One of my favorite things about Dilworth…

is it’s home to lively bars, cozy wine spots, top restaurants, coffee shops as well as farmers markets.  There is a variety of entertainment, wine bars that treasure your privacy, restaurants that know your favorite dish, lively beer tastings that are furry pet and toddler friendly and energetic bars that’ll put on your fav sports channel.  There’s something for everyone here!  Best of all, we can walk to all of it, even to an Uptown football game, a South End beer garden and to a light rail that’ll take you to the destination of your choice .

Freedom Park Festival

We, in Dilworth, are an alive and diverse community.  We have exclusive shops and salons, block parties, Ladies Spring Party, bike races, Greek festivals, Irish pubs, festivals in the park.  Dilworth is alive with culture, flavors and color! 

Our Dilworth Community Association of Charlotte, of which I am a member, is our not-for-profit, all volunteer organization deeply serves and ensures our historic and community interests.


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Cherylanne McLean

Cherylanne McLean

A resident in Dilworth and an (as often as possible) world traveler I blog about things to do near Dilworth and the surround neighborhoods. I'm also a full-time agent for the McDonald Group at eXp Realty. While I work throughout the greater Charlotte area, my focus/niche is from Dilworth to Southpark.

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