The Best Saturdays in Charlotte Begins with…

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A trip to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market!

Back in NYC, famers markets are very seasonal.  During the spring/summer/fall months, numerous farmers markets were steps from my apartment.  When open, I would go almost every weekend on my morning walk with the dog and grab some staples.  Therefore, I was very excited to check out Charlottes farmers markets,  I love supporting local farmers and you can’t get much more fresh than directly from the farm!  And one of the best things about Charlotte’s farmers market – it is open YEAR ROUND!!!

When I went to the Regional Farmers Market for the first time I was impressed.  This market is AMAZING.

It is open Tuesday-Saturday 8am-5pm, with Friday and Saturdays being the best days with the most farmers.  Saturday morning, of course, is prime time to go. 

Conveniently located off Billy Graham Parkway, on the way towards the airport – only 13 mins from Dilworth.

Anything you can dream of is there.  So fresh, local and delicious.

As we approach the summer months, more and more is coming into season, therefore more and more farmers at the market.

A few of our favorites are….

  1. The flowers – the most beautiful farm flowers for great prices, anywhere from $6-$25!!!
  2. Fresh Vegetables – this is obvious, but all veggies we’ve ever gotten at the farmers market are the best.
  3. Breads/Pastries – the main reason my husband will join me 🙂
  4. Plants!  The last time I went, I got a huge snake plant!  They have every plant you can think of – and they are all so healthy and ready for a new home
  5. Fruits – this is obvious as well, but we always stock up on the staples

Trust me – head to the Farmers Market on a Saturday morning and you will not be disappointed.  


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Kelley Ivory

Kelley Ivory

I'm a recent transplant to Charlotte and a new mother! I cover things to do in the Charlotte area and in general, the experience for new Charlotte residents. I also provide marketing assistance to The McDonald Group at eXp Realty.

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