Meet The McDonald Group

Our goal for each of our clients is the same! We’d like you to be happy with your decision to buy or sell the day you close, and 5 years later too! We help provide the context and expertise so you understand all the angles and can make an informed decision. We work hard every day for your 5 star review.  Call Terry at 704-390-6221 or Bobby at 704-351-0987 today to get started! 

Terry and Bobby McDonald are a father-son team who form the core of The McDonald Group at eXp Realty. Terry has worked in Charlotte real estate since 2004 and brings 20 years of building experience to the table as well. Bobby joined the team in 2013 after a background in Internet marketing and lead generation.  Together, we have been helping clients save time, hassle and money in their real estate transactions!

Our Story

by Terry McDonald

25 years ago, I brought my family to Charlotte from Hoboken, NJ- outside NYC, I came with a wife,  four young children and our dog,  looking for a better lifestyle.  We found a bustling city well on its way. Even then, people were coming from around the world to Charlotte NC.  

I grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, when it too felt like a young town. So I started life in the suburbs, move into the city in my early 30’s,  back to South/Charlotte -Matthews for nearly 20 years, and now back in  the city, living near the light rail in Sedgefield.  I  began writing in CCO in 2007, and it’s been quite the journey, but it has made me a better agent and broker.  In fact, a top 1% broker for most of my career. 

Like so many others, we moved to Charlotte by choice.

We were looking for a new start,  we wanted a place to raise a family where our

money would go farther, and a place where our kids could grow and prosper.  Our 4 young children have all attended private and public schools, graduating from quality public high school, all four graduating college, two with advanced degrees.  They were prepared well here.  My wife has worked much of the time as a teacher, and now is a professor of education at a local college.  We moved within Charlotte for a better education for our children, and it is why i’ve thought of myself as an “Education agent.”  Charlotte has been very good to our family.

Market Experts, Trusted Partners, What Makes Us Trusted Partners?

It is the nature of our relationship to our Clients. Your interests are first, the center of everything we do here.  Never high pressure, we are on your side from start to finish!  I can be an adviser, a tough cop, or a patient negotiator as the situation demands… then once you make the call, I spring into action, and when I need to, engage my team as well.

Market Experts

I know Charlotte, from Waxhaw to Lake Norman, and all points in between.  I moved my young family here 21 years ago from Hoboken, New Jersey. I have been a real estate broker for the last decade, before that, I spent 20 years as a designer, builder and remodel-er.  I know houses.  I write about real estate and life in Charlotte in my blog, CharlotteCommunitiesonline, (CCO) which has been cited or used in local papers, Charlotte Magazine and Southern Living.  I am a numbers guy too–check out our market reports on CCO.

Selling Your House

Unlike most Brokers, I work with only a limited number of Sellers every year- this allows me to create and implement a personalized and unique marketing plan for each property, and give your property the attention it deserves. My intimate knowledge of buyer needs and wants helps me identify precisely the buyers who would buy your house, and our technology skills, particularly Facebook and You Tube, and our deep data base of potential buyers, help us reach those buyers effectively and swiftly.

  I love selling the house that others have failed to sell.  Likewise, I appreciate the over the top house, the killer house that may be “over improved” – we are uniquely suited for finding the exact buyer needed to get an “over the top price” for my Sellers.  I sold my own homes long before I was a Realtor, and they were often a bit over built.  Sold them all though!