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dilworth house

Charlotte, NC

The Historic Dilworth community has opened its doors since 1972, welcoming friends, family and neighbors. Dilworth is rich with history as Charlotte’s first street car neighborhood in 1891 . Today, Dilworth is continuing to build a strong community that celebrates the arts, history and building relationships among neighbors.


Dilworth Projects & Fun

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As a community, Dilworth takes on many different projects and events designed to help the community and get neighbors involved. The annual Dilworth Home Tour provides a chance for visitors to take a look inside many historic Dilworth homes. All of the proceeds from visitors go back into the Dilworth Community Development Association to help fund other neighborhood activities. Another fun project is the annual Dilworth Jubilee! Every October the Jubilee is held in Latta Park with food, games, crafts and more. The event also features live music and local politicians to meet-and-greet. The Jubilee provides a great opportunity for neighbors to meet each other.

Become Part of the Community Groups

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Dilworth has a remarkable amount of groups for residents to join to express their interests and passions. From “Ladies of Dilworth” to the “Neighborhood Environment Committee,” Dilworth has a place to offer any neighbor. If you’re looking for a place to welcoming children, all you need is TOADs! Toddlers Out and About in Dilworth, that is. There is also “Dilworth Cares” for those who are interested in charity. No matter what you are looking for in a community, Dilworth likely has a group for every interest.

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