Impactful Outdoors! 5 Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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dilworth houseCurb appeal makes ALL the difference when your home is seen online, for the casual drive by and for the initial in-person showing.  You want to make sure it promotes the message of warm, welcoming and well-maintained.  Potential buyers will assume the interior has been given the same amount of attention as the exterior. If they are impressed with the outdoors, they’ll be eager to continue with the showing.

With that in mind, here are 5 housekeeping tips to improve your home’s curb appeal:

Housekeeping tips for gaining and keeping the attention of potential buyers:

  1. Make sure the structure is well maintained.  Meaning all shutters are up, roof tiles are secured, no cracked windows, torn screens or lose bricks and stones especially if they are steps leading into the front or rear entrance of the house.  If the paint or stain is faded or chipped, take care of it immediately. Have the house, walk way and drive way washed and the gutters cleaned. 
  2. Manicure the yard.  This includes keeping the grass cut short, flower beds weeded, trees pruned, shrubbery trimmed, leaves bagged and place either fresh pine needles or mulch around the plantings.  Always add color and texture to the front lawn or back yard.  Have hearty, colorful flowers leading up to the entrance and at the back door or patio area.  If there is a front porch, ferns and or topiaries are always inviting options.  Flower boxes are another festive addition.  Make wise selections so the plantings do not have to be replaced if a little time goes by without watering.  In most cases, the heartier the plant the better.
  3. Keep the outdoor furniture and cushions cleaned (especially during pollen season) and neatly placed. Hose should be stored in the garage or wrapped in a tidy fashion if it will continue to be on the outside of the house. Door mats should be generic and in good condition.  Replace mats if there is a holiday theme, does not coordinate with outdoor furnishings or shows wear.
  4. All children’s play sets should be in good condition and presentable.  Outdoor toys should be either in a sand box or plastic bins.
  5. All items old, worn out or serving no purpose located on the exterior of the house (older furniture, unused planting pots, rusted items, etc.) should be sold, donated, or brought to the local dump.

well landscapedHere’s an example of a home with pruned trees, well kept landscaping and touches of lavender planted throughout the front lawn and entry.  The entire structure is quite presentable with the paint, stained door, iron and brick work in excellent condition.


patioHere’s an example of a patio with neatly placed furniture, potted plants for color and interest.  There are no extra items cluttering the back porch



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