Spring Into Action! 10 Tips to Make Your Home Shine

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Courtyard_photoWhen the weather warms up and the trees begin to bud, we all get a bit of spring fever. Since we have spent quite a bit of time indoors, we may have become somewhat bored with our surroundings.  With that in mind, here are 10 ways to cure the fever and have a new found interest and excitement in your home (while still being efficient):

  1. Start planting!  If you are in your first home, purchase a variety of plants and root them in various pots, hanging baskets, flower boxes and flower beds.   If you have not moved, rather than choosing the same plants you have for years, ask your landscaper or local nursery for suggestions and change it up a bit.  Try different colors than you have in the past, incorporate more flower beds, trees or shrubbery creating more interest in your yard.
  1. If your outdoor furniture remains in good condition, but the cushions are looking worn and faded, pep it up a bit with new cushions with fun, lively patterns.  
  1. Is the front porch or back patio looking a little sparse? Consider adding a porch swing, rocking chairs and or wind chimes.  There is nothing more relaxing at the end of a spring day than sitting outside enjoying the warm breeze rocking back and forth listening to the chimes. 
  1. Indoors, consider changing the look of a room you spend quite a bit of time in by changing the wall color or adding more interest to the existing walls by incorporating stripes or a favorite pattern.   It’s one of the least expensive ways to make the most impact.   
  1. Another way to increase interest on the walls would be to create an accent wall with wall paper.  There are so many designs to select from that would coordinate perfectly with the existing style of your room and not be too costly with covering 1 wall vs. the entire room. 
  1. Try new accent colors by replacing throw pillows or lamp shades for ones that have a fresh fun look.  If you have neutral tones, add bolder colors.  If bold tones are not to your liking, add exciting textures or patterns to create the additional pizzazz.  
  1. Create a whole new piece of art by changing out the old matting and or the frame to a print or painting you have had for a while.  Replacing one, the other or both, will give a brand new feel to an old favorite.  By doing so, you have the ability to emphasize various tones, adjust to a more contemporary or traditional feel as well as how bold or passive a statement you would like this “new” piece of art to have. 
  1. If you seem to be tired of your bedding, you may gain a brand new look by replacing the pillows. Change the shams and accent pillows to unique patterns, textures and a mixture of sizes.  Or, if you like the pillows, replace the comforter with a fresh new coordinating color.  Another way to make a change is to add or omit a bed skirt. 
  1. Incorporate color throughout the house: orchids are wonderful, peace lilies are lush and fresh flowers are such a treat…. just a few options of the many available. 
  1. When was the last time you changed the photos in your picture frames or added new photos from recent holidays, vacations or special events?  Printing out photos takes a few minutes and extremely inexpensive and frames can be as colorful or subtle as you would like them to be. With the expansive collection we see in stores today you’re sure to find the perfect one.

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